High Pressure Washing & Cleaning

WILKINS POWER CLEAN use a flat surface rotary cleaner and specially designed high pressure nozzles to remove dirt and debris from your external hard surface areas.

Our Service: WILKINS PowerClean will require an accessible water source (an outdoor tap is ideal) and will leave the area clean and tidy when the service is complete. The equipment, which uses high-pressure water, is efficient but can be noisy (about as loud as a petrol driven lawn mower) and we will therefore only operate the equipment in residential areas between 9am and 5pm.

Some aspects of cleaning and repair work may be weather dependent but mostly WILKINS PowerClean will be able to pressure clean even if it is raining. You will need to be home if the water source is inside, or if access to the rear of the property is required via a locked gate, for example.

We will give you a quotation and an estimate of the time it will take to complete, as well as the cost, and of course you are welcome to ask more questions if you’d like!

To get a quote for pressure cleaning please contact one of our team.  You can find your local Wilkins PowerClean Team by entering your post code into the box below.

Most surfaces (patio slabs, block paving, tarmac, decking, imprinted concrete etc.) become dirty over time. Air pollutants, tree debris, ants, lichen, mould and vehicle oil add to the build-up of a dirty and sometimes slippery surface.  These surfaces look far better when they are clean; they brighten up significantly giving a refreshed appearance and we do this with top quality pressure washing kit.

Our customers are frequently delighted with the quality of the results. Patio cleaning, driveway cleaning and deck cleaning using our high quality professional flat plate pressure washing and/or high pressure jet washing equipment can improve the look and help to prevent slip on surfaces. This can add to the ‘kerb-appeal’ of your property and also provide you with a pleasant area to use during the spring and summer months! Added benefits include keeping slip hazards to a minimum for your safety (and the safety of your staff, clients or prospective purchasers as appropriate).

  • If necessary, WILKINS PowerClean will treat for weeds before cleaning and may need to treat the surface to remove lichen and prevent it growing back.
  • We can also replace any sand that may be removed from between brickwork if appropriate
  • We are able to protect the surface by sealing it, if required.
High Pressure Jet Washing

High Pressure Jet Washing

Flat Plate Pressure Washer

Flat Plate Pressure Washer

The Complete Power Clean Kit

Complete Power Clean Kit


Thank you for a wonderful job on our decking, garden furniture, retaining wall and guttering.   It would have taken us days to achieve what you have done.    I highly recommend your service to anyone and will definitely be a returning customer.

Chris and Kevin Quinn

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