Frequently Asked Questions

Pressure Washing & Sealing

Why can’t you clean and seal the driveway on the same day?
Cleaning can be done in most weather, but the area must be completely dry (with no rain forecast for 24 hours after sealing) before applying any sealant.

Why can’t you give me a quote on the phone?
We are reluctant to give you a general estimate based on the size of the area to be cleaned as we need to see the area to provide a more accurate quotation. There are a number of stages to a clean that may, or may not, be necessary for your surface including…

  • Weed removal
  • Algae and lichen removal
  • Oil treatment
  • One or two cleans
  • Re-sanding
  • Sealing (one or two coats)

It helps if we are aware of what you are trying to achieve, to ensure that the services selected achieves the best possible results for you.

Do you need access to power and water?
Our service does not need access to any power source as our pressure cleaners are petrol powered, but we will need access to a continuous water supply.

Can you work on areas around swimming pools?
Swimming pool surrounds respond really well to cleaning – and can be essential to keep down algae and lichen deposits that can make surfaces slippery and unsafe.

What about my pets?
Your pets will be perfectly safe whilst we provide our service. However, for everyone’s safety we ask that pets be fully excluded from the area that we are working in. With some sealants it is recommended that pets are kept indoors, (or at least kept off the treated surface) for 24 hours – this is usually to avoid imprinted paw prints!

How do we pay?
Payment is taken, by cheque, cash or card payment once the work is done and you are happy with the results.

Gutter Cleaning

Do we need power?

Do I need to be in?
No but we will need access to locked gardens etc to ensure all the gutters can be cleaned. We will also need a power source, this can be an outside socket or garage socket.

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