Gutter Cleaning

This service is only available in West Berkshire.

As well as pressure washing we also clean gutters with a SkyVac™ cleaning machine.  The SkyVac™ is a powerful vacuum cleaner with its suction head mounted on top of a long, extendable pole.  The suction head is also equipped with a video camera so our operator can see what’s in the gutter and make sure that it’s been properly cleaned.

Gutters often need regular cleaning because they fill up with moss, leaves and other debris which, unless removed, will block the gutters and drainpipes causing overflow.

The top two pictures show the gutter before and after the cleaning.  The bottom left pictures show one of our team using the SkyVac™ (with it’s pole mounted head) to clean a gutter.  The bottom right picture is a close of the suction head with its video camera.

To get a quote for gutter cleaning please contact one of our team.  You can find your local Wilkins PowerClean Team by entering your post code into the box below but this gutter cleaning service is only available currently in the West Berkshire area.

Moss in Gutter

Gutter Cleaning in Progress

Gutter After Cleaning

SkyVac at Work

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